About Our Company

a word from our CEO, Mr. Yuval Golan

Unique 1 Asia is an international creative consulting boutique company based in the beautiful Hainan Island in the South China Sea.

Creative stands for providing unique 360-degree solutions to challenges your company faces.

Being unique and different from other consulting firms by using internationally experienced consultants from different sectors our company
can provide tailor-made solutions for success while adding new important factors to the equation, which other companies seem to neglect.

Furthermore our company can offer solution implementation package rather than just consulting services.

Our team is composed of top-notch consultants and project leaders from around the globe in order to provide your company the most creative, efficient and powerful solutions adapted to the market where you desire to operate.

We currently work with, collaborate, represent and consult some of the leading companies in Asia, America, Europe and the Middle East.

In 2009 the Chinese Central Government launched the 2020 Hainan International Tourism Island plan hence opened a door for unique business
opportunities in different areas in the province.

In 2012, Hainan already received more than 30 Million incoming tourists.

Building an international Tourism Island requires many large-scale projects, which your company can be involved in.

Two 7 star hotels, Seventy 5 stars hotels and hundreds of other hotels are planned to be built in the next few years.

Opportunities are in real estate development, green technology, hospitality, IT and other industrial sectors.

Our areas of expertise include: Agriculture, Branding, Education, Entertainment, Events, Fashion, Finance, Government Relations, Marketing and Technology.

Unique 1 Asia and I welcome you to Hainan and the South China Market and we truly hope to build a great cooperation between us.

Sincerely yours

Yuval Golan