About Our Team

Meet Yuval, our CEO
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Yuval is an internationally experienced executive entrepreneur with years of proven successful experience in management, increasing sales, creative marketing, international relations and business development in large companies, government organizations in the Middle-East, Europe and Asia.

Yuval a born problem solver and strategic thinker who is currently involved and manages international projects while connecting different sectors, industries and governments in order to find common goals while delivering all stakeholders maximum fruition and effective results.

Within only 3 years in China, Yuval thanks to his collaborators, partners and team, together, set up the following platforms:

The 1st Sino-Israeli Demo Farm, which was established in November 2014

The 1st Sino-Israel Culture Week in Hainan

The 1st Sino-Israel Technology Forum based in Hainan

Sister Province & Sister City Relations between China and Israel

Set-up of a representative office of Israel-China Chamber of commerce in Hainan

Profitable Agriculture & Technology Projects around China

Set-Up & Management of 3705SQM Cluster for China’s Largest Juice Company (Huiyuan) in Milan Expo 2015

Yuval currently holds several Senior Management positions and honorary appointments by the Chinese and Israeli governments.

In March 2014 Yuval was the first foreigner to be appointed by the government to be a council member of the Hainan Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

In September 2014 Mr. Golan was awarded by the People’s Government of Hainan the highest recognition awarded to a foreign expert in the province, for supporting the development of the island- the Friendship Coconut Award.

Yuval served in the Israeli Air Force in the strategy-planning department, later on he worked for the Israeli embassies in Italy and the Netherlands. He also worked with Procter and Gamble as well as with Hainan Airlines, Finnair, Fiat and other major companies.

He has extensive international project management experience with other bodies such as Government organizations, Fashion brands, Consulting Groups, Media groups and event production companies.

Thanks to his extensive curriculum Yuval has a clear vision of customer needs as well as excellent multilingual proficiency in different countries and environments.

Yuval also appears frequently on the Chinese media, you can view some of his interviews on our website News Page or click here

About Our Team:

Having all been former Senior Quality Consultants with impressive portfolios for large organizations and individually, having worked at various competitor companies, our management team (from Managing Director and Operations Director, through to Program Managers and Business Development Managers) we all know the business and industry from top to bottom. Passionate, dynamic and committed, Unique 1 Asia’s team would be delighted to have the opportunity to show you what we can do for you today.

Unique 1 Asia’s Quality Consultants are full-time industry experts with impressive backgrounds in several service industries. They hold previous operational and/or management experience at leading worldwide companies. Our Quality Consultants are multi-lingual and span a wide array of nationalities. Most have educational qualifications from leading universities.

All Quality Consultants undergo an intensive training program by Unique 1 Asia to ensure a standardized and consistent while open minded and creative approach to our clients and projects. They are capable of adapting to environments and making recommendations on methods of fine-tuning operational procedures, service, and brand standards. Our Quality Consultants are seasoned experts who have lead projects worldwide (Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Americas). With our combined knowledge, style, and experience, we consider ourselves top of the class in the industry.