Unique1Asia Fights for the Greater Good During Covid-19

Unique 1 Asia Limited gathered all its resources and network to to leverage its abilities to join the fight against the COVID-19.
Our team members, partners, clients and friends did an amazing job- millions of medical items and large donations successfully delivered.
Our team managed to run a marathon for three months of sleepless nights (staying up sometimes 30 hours) spent in 8 countries, flying over 30,000KM in 10 days, we were able to send more than 11,5 million masks, 17,000 thermometer guns and to donate over 30,000 items to governments, hospitals, doctors, families and friends.

We would like to thank our team members, partners, clients, families and friends and special appreciation to the medical staff who are risking their lives to save us all

Some of the major media- online and offline published our stories (stay tuned- we will update this page):

30.4.2020 (English) Yahoo Finance “Unique 1 Asia Fights for the Greater Good During Covid-19” – click here 
28.4.2020 (Chinese) China Daily “Foreign entrepreneur travels through eight countries in ten days coordinates resources and fights against the new crown pandemic” – click here 
24.4.2020 (Chinese) China.com “International friend coordinates multinational resources to fight against COVID19” – click here
6.4.2020 (English) Globes “the medical equipment underworld” – click here
4.4.2020 (Hebrew) Globes “Cash-packed suitcases, bodyguards and robbery attempts: this is how the medical supplies sector turned into a black market” – click here
2.4.2020 (Chinese) China Daily ” An Israeli company and Hairusalem Technology helping the prevention of the new pandemic” – click here