Unique Solutions

Unique 1 Asia is happy to tailor for you a diversified bundle of services in order to provide professional, efficient and unique solutions.

In our company we like to provide 360 degree solutions responding to each scenario with different alternatives and analyses.

We are one of the only companies in the world who can offer a full service for your company- from an idea to strategy, planning and execution, business development, marketing and sales.

We are able to create a “bullet proof” plans for our clients and partners which will maximize service satisfaction and excellence.
For each project we discuss with our clients the short-medium and long term goals and build a step by step plan involving finance, media, promotion, networking and other necessary solutions.
With a short period of time Unique 1 Asia has built an international successful portfolio of clients and partners.

Unique 1 Asia and its Clients & Partners are currently successfully operating in several sectors:

1) Agriculture– Business Development, Consulting Implementation, Planning, Project Erection and Management.

2) Branding- for Global Partners, Building your brand in China & For Chinese Partners, Expanding your Brand Internationally.

3) Culture, Media & Entertainment– Event Planning & Management, Media & PR strategies.

4) Diplomacy– Strategic Solutions.

5) Tailor-Made Delegations to Israel (Business/Investment Oriented).

6) Technology– introduction, sourcing, research and implementation of state of the art technologies to China.

7) Tourism– Development of New Markets, Innovative Concepts, Marketing & PR Campaigns, Social Media and more…


We are happy to provide your company with the unique service and project you deserve.

The Unique 1 Asia Team